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        Spindle Tapes


      NYCO®spindle tapes are designed for 4-spindle, 8-spindle or multi-spindle drives and have the advantages of antistatic, wear-resistance and energy-saving, etc. Their splicing is easy and quick. 
      NYCO®spindle tapes are divided into two types, namely, CNG type and CNPG type. CNC type are suitable respectively for cotton spinning frames; CNPG type for synthetic fibber, woollen and worsted spinning. 


      Table 2.3.1shows spindle tapes' types and their technical data.

      Main advantages of NYCO®spindle tapes: 
      Soft and flexible tape bodies, stable running, no breakage; 
      Good performance at high speed, good dimensional stability; 
      Less weak-twist yarn, higher yarn quality; 
      Permanently antistatic, no fiber sticking; 
      Our spindle tapes can be supplied according to customers' special specifications. We are ready to give you services on the spot. 
      Abstracts from application examples' data: 
      Save energy by 5-10% as averagely measured; 
      Reduce running noise level of spinning frames by two decibels; 
      Normal service life:over 2 years; 
      Outstanding improvement of yarn quality; 
      With our energy-saving spindle tapes in operation your investment can be returned within 2-4 months 
      The data in the following tables were tested and provided by our customers. 

      Table 2.3.2 Energy-saving

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