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      · Add: No.92 Jiqi Road,Jinan,China
      · Tel: +86-531-85977697
      · Tel: +86-531-85990046
      · Fax: +86-531-85977449
      · E-mail: nyco@nybelt.com
      · More . . .

        About Us
      Jinan Tianqi Technical Belts Co.,Ltd.(NYBELT CO.), founded in 1990, is one of the largest manufacturers of flat belts in the world. With the total investment of over US$40 million NYBELT possesses the world first-class production lines of nylon sheets, coating, rubber processing, calendering, laminating, leather-processing, transport bands, end-jointing and testing. NYBELT employs over 180 staff and workers including more than 70 of professionals and technicians, the core members of whom were systematically trained abroad both in theory and practice regarding flat belts production, research and development in belting technology, quality control, machinery operation and maintenance as well as after-service.
      NYBELT produces a wide range of high-efficiency transmission flat belts, tangential belts, spindle tapes, conveyor belts, roller coverings, transport bands, leather belts ,nylon sheets and synchronous belts, which are widely used in textile machinery, paper-making, folder-gluer, graphic arts, wood-processing, leather-processing, food and...More
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